My London Tours has been born

Written by Nika Garrett on .

Let me officially declare that my website - My London Tours 'has been born'!

There are still things to be corrected; more Polish letters to be inserted here and there in the Polish version, facts to be triple-checked, more photos to be categorised for the gallery, SEO options to be looked into... The  'to do' list seems to be getting longer and longer... 

I am very much grateful to a friend of mine - Wookee. If it hasn't been for him, the project would never become more than just some doodles on a piece of paper and wishful thinking!  What is even of greater importance, is the fact that after all the stress accompanying the painful process of creation,  we still remain friends:) Let me also express special gratitude to Gosia - Wookee's wife and my best friend. It was her who came to rescue with that final version of 'the lady in red' in the logo. By the way; happy anniversary to Gosia and Wookee this weekend!