Gift Walks

“Birthday” Walks
If you would like to arrange for a “gift walk” for someone special to you; a friend or family member or loved one, you can book a walk from London Tours in the menu as an exclusive tour or have a bespoke walk prepared especially for that occasion. At the end of the tour that very special to you person will receive a surprise gift from My London Tours.
Obviously, it doesn’t have to be someone’s birthday… Possibilities here are endless!

Christmas Walks
Every year in December a special Gingerbread Walk is scheduled as a public walk in one of my favourite areas in London. Your L8 ticket includes a unique hand-made gingerbread decoration. There is a variety of designs to choose from!

Art & History Walks
Some of the walks that you will find among London Tours focus not only on history but also on art and how London has inspired artists and photographers over the centuries. Creative Chelsea walk and Thames walks in particular are ideal if you are interested in art.

Your will receive a card with a beautiful image (art work or photograph) of one of the places you can visit in London.