Nika Garrett would be most happy to prepare a bespoke tour for you to meet all your interests and special requirements. Here are some ideas and suggestions you may like to consider.

Theme walk

Your bespoke tour can be prepared on a particular subject chosen by you: architecture, art, urban sculpture, literature, music, theatre, film, food, foreigners in London, pubs, transport, or a particular character. You may be interested in a Shakespeare or Dickens walk, Regency or Art Décor walk, The Beatles or Rolling Stones walk, Harry Potter walk….

Riverside walk or pub walk

The Thames used to be London’s highway. It has shaped London over the last 2000 years. These walks offer spectacular views with iconic buildings. It is a walk suitable for all seasons. Riverside walks are also an ideal way to explore London, even while on a flying visit to London. You could choose the area in London you are interested in or opt for a riverside pub walk. 

This walk could be prepared as a prelude to celebrate a special occasion with your friends or a corporate event for your colleagues or employees and may end at a pub, club or restaurant of your choice.

Your favourite area walk

Choose your favourite area in London that you have always wanted to explore. 

Gingerbread walk

If you would like to receive a complimentary gingerbread gift as a souvenir, please contact My London Tours in advance. Read more about gingerbread gifts in   London tours.

Chelsea Bun Walk

If you are interested in a walk in Chelsea, you may also like to arrange for a walk with a complimentary Chelsea bun made according to a traditional recipe.

Gift walk

You may like to turn your walk into a special gift for your friend, family member or a loved one.

This walk can be a surprise walk as you arrange to meet up at a particular place in London (e.g. outside your friend’s office or home) and take your companion for a ‘journey into unknown London’. It is crucial that you know what topic/s your companion would be most interested in or what place they always wanted to visit. The walk will end at a place of your choice.

London by night

Sometimes the very same place looks completely different during the day and at night.

Soho turns into an exciting, bustling organism at night with all sorts of visitors and locals in pursuit for entertainment in local clubs and pubs. No visit to London is complete if you haven’t seen Westminster or Thames by night...

You may also be interested in a sunset walk.  Some of the most spectacular sunsets that were inspiration for famous artists can be admired in Chelsea reach.

Family walk

My London Tours would be happy to prepare a walk that would focus on your children’s hobbies, interests or school syllabus. This walk can be arranged as a trail or quiz walk.

Please note that children under 14 are not charged for participating in ‘family walks’. All children must be accompanied by an adult.

Foreign language walk

Currently all tours can be delivered either in English or Polish. In the future walks will be also available in Spanish. Please contact  for details.

Special care walk

- Walk for partially sighted

- Walk for visitors with mobility problems

My London Tours can prepare a special walk on a subject of your choice or in your favourite area that will be safe and enjoyable for you. The tour is tailor-made to focus on the language of visualization and where possible touch - and -feel exhibits are incorporated.

Special attention will be paid to choose places accessible for wheelchairs. Stops are arranged in such a way as to allow for rest.

Please note that you may be recommended to be accompanied by your carer/friend to ensure your personal safety throughout the walk. Although all efforts are made to create a safe environment for your walk, My London Tours cannot be made liable in case of an accident. These walks are delivered only in small groups. In case of an individual walk, guiding service may include collecting a visitor from designated meeting point and help with the return journey. Please contact Nika Garrett for further details.

Together we can ensure that a walk like this is safe and fun!