Welcome to My London Tours – guided walking tours with Nika Garrett.  These walks are prepared and guided with care and passion. You could join one of the scheduled walks in London tours  book an exclusive tour that would be arranged at the time that is most convinient for you or a bespoke tour that would meet all your needs and interests. You may be a Londoner that wants to discover more about the area you live in or a tourist on a flying visit to London. You may like to treat yourself to a special theme walk that covers your particular interests, or arrange for a ‘gift’ walk for someone special to you; a friend or family member or loved one.  You may be a parent or a teacher who would love to offer to your children or students a walk that would bring in something new into their school syllabus and yet would be entertaining. You may be a boss or a colleague thinking of Thames walk or a pub walk instead of a pub crawl this year…  Whatever your needs may be, do contact me to discuss your ideas and I will create a walk in London, tailor made to you. 

I am looking forward to hearing from you and to guiding you.

Nika Garrett