Bowie's Soho

by Mosoho

Museum of Soho will be hosting a "Pop Up" exhibition in collaboration with The British Record Shop Archive, highlighting "Bowie's Soho" as part of Record Store Day, 35 Beak St from 14-21 April.

David Bowie's love of music was nurtured by record shops in suburban Bromley where he frequented three shops: Medhurst's department shop, Roberston's music shop and Furlong's, a record shop where he briefly worked as a Saturday boy.

When David Jones - as he was still known then - moved into Soho as a teenager with dreams of stardom he continued to frequent record shops with Dobell's jazz, blues and folk shop on Charing Cross Road & HMV's Oxford Street shop being his favourites. Young David Jones would visit various record shops in the UK to promote his debut 45. Throughout his life he spoke fondly of the London record shops that helped shape his sound and vision.

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