With The Rose at Heart



"Of all flowers methinks a rose is best"

 - William Shakespeare



  Bankside was once a heaven for those who were in pursuit of entertainment in its numerous inns and brothels as well as playhouses and bull-and-bear baiting arenas. Most of the area was owned by the Bishop of Winchester who profited from brothels. Hence the prostitutes were often referred to as “Winchester geese”. As it was beyond the jurisdiction of the City of London, crime would thrive and prisons were needed… You can still see part of the great hall of Winchester Palace, built in the early 13th century and visit the Clink Prison Museum.  This walk focus not only on some of greatest attractions of Bankside, but on some hidden and often overlooked places and stories. While the replica of Shakespeare’s Globe by the Thames is a famous landmark, the original site of the Globe is located off the beaten track. While Bankside pier is easy to spot, an ancient Ferryman’s Seat is very easy to miss…

This walk is entitled “With the Rose at Heart” as it finishes at the archaeological site of The Rose Playhouse - the very first theatre built on Bankside in 1587. This place is a lucky survivor and a well hidden treasure.  This walk is free but you will be asked for donation to support the Rose Revealed Project. Please learn more about The Rose Playhouse, Bankside.